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Waco Academy

Focus Academy Waco provides an educational program for children ages 3 through 3rd grade learners. Our teachers offer a rigorous curriculum in all core academic subjects.

620 North Robinson Drive
Robinson, Texas 76706

Phone: (254) 732-2262

Fax: (254) 732-2263

PreK Classrooms 

Our preschool classrooms provide an enriching learning environment for our learners ages 3-5. The primary focus of our preschool education program is to create a foundation of skills that will set our students up for future classroom success. Students will have the opportunity to boost their creativity skills, as well as problem-solving, and speech & language through play-based learning and exploration. All activities are designed to build a base of classroom readiness skills such as increasing sustained attention span, following group instructions, and cooperating within a group. In each class setting academic instructions will concentrate on numbers, counting, letters, pre-reading, and pre-writing skills.

Music, art, and physical education are also incorporated into classrooms to foster speech & language development, social-emotional development, and problem-solving skills.

School-Age Classrooms 

Our school-age classrooms house students working at a Kindergarten-3rd grade level. This multi-age environment allows for flexibility in meeting each student’s individual academic needs. In a typical day students will encounter a variety of structured learning opportunities including whole class instruction, small group instruction, and one-to-one instruction, in addition to independent work. Subjects covered include math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Progress is monitored and reported twice per semester, with an emphasis on building and mastering foundational skills for continued success.

Schedules will incorporate music, physical education, art, and STEM, as well as opportunities to engage in play-based exploration to strengthen creativity, problem-solving, and social-emotional development.  

Class Ratio = 1:9

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