FOr ages three and up

About Focus Academy

We have a robust education program where your child can excel in many areas using an individualized curriculum centered around the whole child approach. Our staff of certified teachers create a private-school environment to provide specific lessons to meet the child where they are. This includes cognitive & intellectual skills, social & emotional, speech & language, and physical (fine and gross motor).

Year-round openings are available in all locations.

What we do

Focus Academy exists to provide a high-quality educational experience for all through an enriching environment. Our classrooms are designed to accommodate a wide array of learning styles as we encourage all students to reach and expand their potential.

Each student’s unique skills and abilities are developed through the use of individualized and differentiated instruction.

We believe students can reach their full potential with an environment built on respect, inclusion, and academic excellence.


Lesson plans include core academic skills such as math, science, reading, writing, social studies, physical education, and music & art. This helps foster creativity and problem-solving techniques.


Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best when touching and interacting with real things. Through a combination of integrated play-based activities and classroom learning experiences, our program is designed to meet each child at their unique developmental level.

Meet Tilly!

Tilly is our adorable little penguin that loves to stop in and say Hi! 

She is here to help us get through each exciting week at Focus Academy. She loves to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, and all days of the week!  

Most importantly she loves our #AcademyKids and the fun they have in learning! To see more of Tilly and our amazing students hard at work, be sure to ‘Like Us’ on Facebook!